Di Maria is coming, Van Gaal Change Formation?

Louis van Gaal is a fan of 4-3-3, 3-5-2, although now apply at Manchester United. Will the arrival of Angel Di Maria made ​​him change so 4-3-3 formation again.

Van Gaal also use a 3-5-2 formation when coached the Netherlands in the 2014 World Cup, however, he wears these formations after its flagship player, Kevin Strootman, injury.

Similarly livescore premier league, in United. When he first arrived, he considered that the current squad does not have the balance that he wants. Therefore 3-5-2 formation is the most suitable.

Arrival of Di Maria, who can play as a winger or for a more central role as an attacking midfielder, could make Van Gaal referred back to play in a 4-3-3 formation.

Van Gaal could put Di Maria and Wayne Rooney in the side and put Robin van Persie as a lone striker. While Juan Mata and Ander Herrera will form in the middle of the midfield trio with Darren Fletcher, Michael Carrick or Tom Cleverley.

However, Van Gaal did not want yes-right clicking it.

“It requires a process. I can not clarify it because we have to see what kind of process which we live middle. You can not just snap your fingers and change the game system. Well you have to practice with the system,” said Van Gaal at the club’s official website .

“It’s just a matter of time. Due to a process takes time and we’ll see if, with Di Maria, we must change the system. I think, he will give a major contribution to the way we play. He is a player that is pretty creative.”

“I think he can contribute and that’s important. However, we do not want to start tomorrow expects that the world has changed, no. He still had to adapt to the culture and philosophy of the Premier League Manchester United,” said Van Gaal.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ninja turtles, idol hero of children and adolescents in the late 1980-1990 era, came back for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael showed exciting action against criminals by not forget to say, “Cowabunga”!

They introduce themselves as teenage turtles and mutants. Although it has several times made ​​into a movie, the story this time back to the early days of the birth of the hero turtles and their master, Splinter. As the fruit from exposure to mutagens fluid, they morphed from four turtles and a ratinto a funny super hero.

The story changes into a cute animal than the mighty giant is highlighted into a heartbreaking story. Small turtles that live in a lab and be loved by a little girl could grow up happy in the warmth of the family”. In the laboratory it anyway, they get acquainted with good food like pizzaandnamed after artists of the Italian Renaissance.

However, the happiness of life as a turtle and normal mice marred by the evil act of investors Eric research Sacks (William Fichtner) who intend to use mutagens in the body of the turtle‘s evil plan to control the city. When lab accidentally burned by a researcher as an antidote to malicious intent, turtles and the rat is rescued by a little girl who then grow into a beautiful reporter, April O’Neil (Megan Fox).

Rather than continue to be used as laboratory animals, turtles and rats were released into the sewer. From her jet city sewers, they fight criminals named Shredder, who is also a ninja. Shredder Foot Clan led the gang that with Eric Sacks wants to control the city.

The story is presented in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles aka actually not so special. The flow of the story is predictable, simple, and is a development of the story of the Ninja Turtles comics created by Peter Laird and Kevin comic Eastman in 1984.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got a touch of the influence of Michael Bay as producer. Bay has been synonymous with exciting entertainment, unequaled bin Transformers, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor. In the intervention Bay, modernized the ninjaturtlesbecome a very powerful figure. Their movements are very fast. So fast, they could easily subdue criminals without being seen its true face.

Just like the characterizations in the television series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles played in Indonesia of the 1980s, Leonardo (Pete Ploszek) who wore a blue mask and armed a pair of katana is present as a group leader turtle firm. Raphael (Alan Ritchson) wears a red mask and armed with a pair of sai. Donatello (Jeremy Howard) were tortoise purple genius inventor masked armed with bo stick. Michelangelo (Noel Fisher) remains a major source of freshness with a funny doings. Together as a family, they summersault and fight enemies with ninja techniques.

Segment targeting teenagers and children, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got rich polish fresh comedic elements. Although stuck (or even blessed) in the body of a giant tortoise bullet resistant, teenage mutant turtle is no different from a large urban adolescents. Living in the sewers of NewYork,ninja turtles pinch style urban culture, such as by directing mirror to see pretty girls dancing in a pub.

However, behind the innocence and silliness teen style, they are a scary team combat. They are heroes in their shell and green. Cowabunga!

Japan hotel offers discounts for bald guests

In order to increase the number of Japanese guests visit, a hotel must have a wide variety of promotional strategies. As happened at the following hotels in Japan.

As reported from rocketnews , Friday (15/08/2014), a hotel in Japan provide attractive discounts and somewhat eccentric.

Located in Hokkaido, Sounkyo Mount View Hotel offers a discount for visitors who balding or bald. Reason rebates even this was no less interesting.

Although it sounded funny but actually the reason hotels give discounts seriously enough. The move was seen could make the hotel more cost effective in the treatment of cleanliness.

Because the work of cleaning the bathroom so much easier without the rest of the hair that is clogging the drain.

As is known, the hair often falls in the shower and eventually clog. It turns out that the cleaning process is the most time consuming for the cleanliness of the hotel. In addition, the unique discount but effective idea is sparked not separated from the hotel manager itself is also due to bald.

For people like me this barren, the cleaning process so much easier,” he said.

As a result the hotel on August 8 discount program officially announced on the official website Sounkyo Mount View Hotel for a bald-headed. The discount itself is quite good ie 500 yen or USD 56 thousand to who had no hair at all.

Similar steps have been done first by a bar called Otasuke in Tokyo. But the reason Asaksaka bar located in the in the wake of nationalism which is to give gifts” to the workers who work hard until her hair fell out, considering there baldness synonymous with working too hard.

Calvin Harris: the Dumfries boy who became the world’s highest-earning DJ

Los Angeles – Profitability is currently in favor of Calvin Harris. Later career in music DJ‘s slow uphill Scottish origin. Recently Calvin Harris won the predicate as the world’s highest earning DJ Forbes magazine version.

So how earnings Calvin Harris until he could beat other top DJs?

Aceshowbiz reported by the website on Wednesday (20/08/2014), the payments even beat DJ Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Tiesto. During 2014 through August, the Calvin Harris production reaches USD 66 million or around Rp 771 billion.

Of course this figure is higher than the income of Calvin Harris in 2013 Last year, the former lover Rita Ora is quoted showed panggungnya action in 50 different events both at the stage of a music festival and a night club. This is a large incision in the career of Calvin Harris.

Bersinarnya Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has created a new thing in the past three years. Which happened to me at this time would be a good place and a good time was,” says Calvin Harris some time ago when receiving one music appreciation .

Name the new Calvin Harris arguably famous a few years later than the big names David Guetta and Tiesto. Forbes magazine recorded diurutan David Guetta is second with revenues of USD 30 million. Next followed Avicii which occupies the third position ie USD 28 million.

While the third diurutan DJ Tiesto is a DJ from the list with the highest fees. Forbes magazine has calculated all the income from the live action cinema, merchandise sales, sponsorships, sales of the album to a business that they have.

The following list ranks the top 10 highest-paying DJ in the world:

  1. Calvin Harris $ 66 million
  2. David Guetta $ 30 million
  3. Avicii $ 28 million
  4. DJ Tiesto $ 28 million
  5. Steve Aoki $ 23 million
  6. Afrojack $ 22 million
  7. Zedd $ 21 million
  8. Cascade  $ 17 million
  9. Skrillex $ 16.5 million
  10. Deadmau5 $ 16 million

8 Year Old Boy With Giant Hands

NEW DELHI An eight-year-old Indian boy had very poor condition. Boy named Kaleem has very large fingers.

Kaleem parents who earn only 15 pounds, or approximately Rp289 thousand per month is not able to bring their children to go to the doctor.

Physical conditions experienced by Kaleem very confusing for doctors in India. The poor boy hands each weighing 8kg and 33cm long from the base of his palm to the tip of his middle finger.

I find it very difficult to wear the clothes, buttoning clothes, and pull my pants,” Kaleem said, as quoted by the Mirror on Thursday (21/08/2014).

But I do not know whether to do surgery on my hand, because I was afraid of injections,” he added.

His mother Haleema, said that he knows that his son is different from birth. However, they became unable to do anything.

When Kaleem born arms twice the size of normal babies. Very large hands and long fingers. Originally Kaleem small hands, but the longer it started to grow,” said Haleema.

His father, Shamim, who worked as a laborer, was worried her son would not be free in the move and will blame himself for not getting enough money.

He was having trouble eating. So, we have to feed him, said Shamin.

Director of the local hospital, Dr. Ratan, saying that the physical condition that occurs in very rare Kaleem.

I have not seen a case in a medical journal or on the Internet the same as this. Before we do a genetic test that right, we still can not say the cause of this case,” said Dr. Ratan.